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Who We Are

Who We Are - cnicnet.com

We believe professional training is the catalyst for people to grow and organizations to evolve. We want to make it easy for companies to find quality training. The right training transforms people within your organization into an innovative working force, prepared to lead your industry.

Finding the perfect-fit shouldn’t be difficult

You know your workforce needs, but it is hard to find a training supplier who can deliver. Sorting through a mire of Google search results is slow and offers no way to compare courses side-by-side. We are an unbiased third party here to help you find and compare the best training solutions available.

Let us know what you are looking for and our advisers will help you compare multiple suppliers and connect you with those best suited to your needs.

How can we help you evolve?

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About cnicnet.com

Attract, Develop, Retain

We believe that training is key in recruiting and retaining talent. Today’s workforce doesn’t just want training, they expect it.

When your organization has access to top quality training, you can focus on recruiting the people with an attitude and personality that is the perfect fit for your team, knowing that the right skills can be developed.

No one wants to feel trapped in a position or career. Professional education breaks stagnation and keeps employees moving forward and up, ensuring that they stay engaged and happy.

We will help you engage your workforce.

transform your workforce!

We’re changing the status quo

We love helping you connect with perfect-fit providers and seeing people and companies evolve. That’s why we created cnicnet.com: a cost-free search engine where you can find and compare courses from over 4,000 different training suppliers.

Our site is developed and designed in-house by a team dedicated to creating a more satisfying and effective experience for training buyers. We put the options right at your fingertips with a simple to navigate search engine.

We are passionate about ensuring that the North American workforce is at the cutting edge of learning and innovation. In addition to our search engine, we help talent development professionals like you keep a finger on the pulse of trends and best practices through our articles and in-depth reports.

Get engaged in what we do.

Are you a training provider?

We would love to talk to you about how we can help get your courses in front of your target audience.

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Last updated: 02 Jan 2020